chesneycat (chesneycat) wrote in pern_fic,

The Regicide: Chapters 1-5

Title: The Regicide
Author/Artist: astrokath/chesneycat
Rating/Warnings: T/M, Character death; graphic depictions of violence; unbalanced power dynamics
Character(s)/Book(s): OCs, Fifth Pass
Summary/Notes: Thread is deadly enough, but it isn't a dragonrider's only enemy.

The first 5 chapters (out of a total of 47) are now available at AO3, and chapters 1-4 are mirrored at Updates will be once or twice a week until the story finishes some time in April. Please feel free to ask about any specific triggers beyond those covered by the primary AO3 warnings: I'll be adding some appropriate tags as we go, but not in advance of posting the specific chapters they apply to.

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