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The Regicide: Parts 1 & 2 now fully posted

Title: The Regicide
Author/Artist: astrokath/chesneycat
Rating/Warnings: T/M, Character death; graphic depictions of violence; unbalanced power dynamics
Character(s)/Book(s): OCs, Fifth Pass
Summary/Notes: (word count: currently approx 150k/300k total)

The consequences of one disastrous fall continue to haunt High Reaches Weyr. Weyrwoman Maenida remains in a precarious state of health, and Delene is taking her job as Acting Weyrwoman very seriously...if only to stop anyone else from stepping up and filling Maenida's shoes.  Rahnis has her hands full stopping the Lower Caverns from sliding into outright chaos, but Delene isn't content to leave her meddling there... Up in the skies of Pern, several close calls have forced F'ren to confront the fact that neither his Weyrleader nor his Wing's collective incompetence is his biggest problem right now. And for Weyrleader Sh'vek himself, the time to make some lasting decisions is drawing ever nearer...

Part 2 of this story (chapters 13-20 out of a total of 47) is now posted in full at both AO3 and Part 3 is currently being updated twice-weekly.

Link to story on AO3

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