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The Regicide: Parts 1-3 now fully posted

Title: The Regicide
Author/Artist: astrokath/chesneycat
Rating/Warnings: T/M, Character death; graphic depictions of violence; unbalanced power dynamics
Character(s)/Book(s): OCs, Fifth Pass
Summary/Notes: (word count: currently approx 200k/300k total)

He may have been forced to announce his Weyrwoman's retirement, but Weyrleader Sh'vek has no intention of relinquishing his own power. Newly motivated to take a stand against him, Rahnis and F'ren have acted to ensure that the next queen to mate won't look kindly on Sh'vek's Ormaith...but much can change during the weeks of waiting still ahead of them.  Will better control of her abilities make Delene any more suited to the job of Weyrwoman? Can Egritte be trusted with anything? And how will the would-be killer in F'ren's Wing take the exposure of his crime?

And all the while the Threads still fall, and dragons are born with the sole purpose of destroying them.

Keeping Pern safe. That's always been the bottom line. That's what matters most of all. And there's nothing a rider won't do for their dragon, even if it comes at a cost to their own heart and soul...

The concluding chapter of Part 3 of this story (covering chapters 21-33 out of a total of 47) will be posted on AO3 later today. Updates for Part 4 will continue going up more-or-less twice-weekly.

Link to story on AO3

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