dragonsdilemma (dragonsdilemma) wrote in pern_fic,

Dragons Dilemma: Blood Ties

Title: Dragons Dilemma: Blood Ties
Author/Artist: Caitlin / dragonsdilemma
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, moderate mentions of sex and violence
Character(s)/Book(s): Original Characters
Summary/Notes: Centuries into the aftermath of Pern’s great pandemic, families still refuse Search of promising sons and daughters. The fate of faltering Fort Weyr rests on the political machinations of her Weyrleader and two Lord Holders. Can wingleader L’shev outmaneuver them to bring Fort back to her former glory?

As a note, this was on FF.net on an account of mine that has since been hijacked; I'm also recovering an old hard drive that has the majority of the story on it. As such, I'm republishing it on a WordPress website/blog. The story can be found here; the first four chapters have been posted!

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