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Dragonriders of Pern Fanfiction

On the Wings of Dragons

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Dragonriders of Pern Fanfiction--a new livejournal community.

Hello and welcome to the first livejournal community for Dragonriders of Pern fanfiction! Your mods are birdzilla, collie_wing, and poetrywolf, in strictly alphabetical order. Since Anne McCaffrey lifted the ban on Pern fanfiction and fanart, and since she is one of many Pern fanatics, previous (and best-beloved) mod sun_huntress decided to make this community for those of us who love Pern to share our love via stories, poems, art, and general discussion! Participation and prolific fanfics are extremely encouraged among all members, and everyone who loves Pern and Anne's incredible dragonrider culture is very welcome to join! Go ahead and post an introduction post if you'd like, perhaps sharing your favorite Pern characters and/or books.

General Rules:
--Though the primary focus of this community is to share Pern fanfiction, we also allow and welcome fanart, questions, McCaffrey book reviews, Pern RPGs (role-playing games), and general Pern discussions. Try to keep topics to Pern or at least Anne/Todd McCaffrey's works, and if you have a rant, fine, but please put it behind a cut.
--When posting a fanfic longer than a drabble, please put it behind a cut and follow the provided format for posting.
--No harassments/flaming. Disagreements and friendly debates on what is canon and not is fine as long as no vulgarity or hatred is flung around.
--Advertising for Pern RPGs, communities, or other Pern-related groups is absolutely fine, but please don't spam us with ten messages in two days. One message every three or four months is ideal.
--Roleplaying within this community is fine for now, unless I have some members dislike this idea or some members abuse the privilege. However, copy-pasting a roleplaying thread from elsewhere and formatting it as a fanfiction is absolutely fine and actually a rather good idea.
--AU (alternate universe) fanfics are fine, unless this proves to be a problem later.

Posting Rules:
--All fanfictions longer than a drabble (longer than about 300 words, if not a poem) need to be placed behind a cut. [lj-cut text="This is the link that appears: the cut itself."]This is the text that is hidden.[/lj-cut] Simply replace ][ with >< and use that.
--All fanfictions and fanart are to be created and posted in accordance to Anne McCaffrey's guidelines. In summary, you must put a disclaimer with your work saying that it is not yours and that you take no profit from it. Also, NC-17 or X-rated materials are prohibited. In reference to this, I suggest you look at how graphic Anne herself is in her books and never go farther than that; obviously, since there are male/male relationships in Pern as a rather large subculture of dragonriders, homosexuality is fine. (I believe that her reference to "slasher sites" is meant along the lines of homosexual pornography, which is just as prohibited as heterosexual pornography.)
--Please rate your fic/art appropriately and label it with warnings if need be. For example, any piece with nudity needs to be rated R with a warning for nudity.
--All fanart posted must have a title, rating, and warnings outside the cut, and all images bigger than icons must be behind a cut.
--Pern icons are welcome here. Please credit the artist/origin of the picture that you used, and if you're posting more than three icons, please leave only one or two outside the cut as a "teaser" and then place the rest behind a cut.
--Please tag your entry with any main character names, the title of your fic, the names of any featured weyrs/holds/halls, and any of the following which are applicable: poll, feedback wanted, critique, story, poem, song, rpg, art, icons, rp log, discussion, recommendation.
--All fanfiction posted must use this format:


Disclaimer: This livejournal community, maintained and moderated by birdzilla, collie_wing, and poetrywolf, is a strictly non-profit group for the many fans of Anne and Todd McCaffrey's series The Dragonriders of Pern. All references to worlds and characters based on said series is copyright © Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2008, all rights reserved. All fanfiction, fanart, and RPGs posted or advertised here follow her rules and guidelines to the understanding of the moderator and the author or artist.